Anonymous: You're a she, sorry I didn't know that :p what's your name? Haha sorry you seemed like a kind person, I'm a girl too btw. Can we be friends?

Hi there! Sorry but I would prefer to keep my personal information to myself. However if you need someone to talk to, you can always ask me a question through the non-anonymous way and I will answer you privately. Thanks!

Anonymous: Can you anons just leave this admin alone, gosh. She/he is trying their best to post every single confession us viewers send, keyword: US VIEWERS. It's not hers/his. Please respect their hardwork!

Relax! Don’t worry, I have my ways of dealing with them. Thank you for speaking up for me. Oh and I’m a she by the way, if you’re wondering :)

Anonymous: hi, is there a way to warn readers of spoilers?

Sorry but I currently do not have a way of doing that. Placing a cut under the post might do the job but it will be quite a hassle for me to do it for nearly all the pictures. I’ve also timed confessions of the most recent episodes to be posted a week after the episode has been aired. Hope you understand where I’m coming from. Thank you!

Anonymous: I feel like all your "confessions" are always negative if you don't like the show don't watch it

I hope you’ve read the disclaimer on the main blog page. These confessions are not written by me. They are submitted by Running Man fans.

And as this is a confession page. Every confession whether good or bad will be posted. If you think you don’t like reading them, I would advise you to unfollow this blog. Thank you.

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